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We've Been Pranked!

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Like a bear emerging from hibernation, many of us have just stumbled out of the dark, warm confines of our homes for the first time this year. Sunshine! The smell of wet grass! We streeeeetch, squint into the sunshine, look around the yard and scream, “What has happened?!” Plant after plant looks like someone took a blowtorch to it – the lush leaves we remember from fall have been replaced by brown twigs. “I don't remember it looking like this last Spring. What has happened to my beautiful plants?!” What has happened occurred the night of December 23rd, 2022 (yes, it was on my mother's birthday). We were in the midst of a mild winter. Few nights had even made it below freezing all winter, when suddenly the temperature dropped from a low of 36 degrees the night before to a low of -8. Have you ever pulled the prank of dropping cold water on your roommate while they're in the shower? You know the reaction you are hoping for? Well this is that reaction multiplied 10-fold in the plant world. Sudden cold can certainly mean sudden death! BUT, it can also mean a possible rebirth. It may mean you have some plants to replace but it also may mean you have some plants that are going to start over. They may well come back from the root and be a lush plant again in a few short weeks. Here's the point: Don't start yanking out all those “dead” plants just yet. Many of them may well rise from the dead. Wait till at least the middle if not the end of April to pronounce your plants dead. You may be surprised at their resurrection once it really starts to warm up. If there is no sign of life by the end of April (for Crape Myrtle make it the end of May!) come to Willow Green Acres and we will help you find the right replacements for those unlucky plants who didn't survive the cruel prank of the winter of 22.

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